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April 02, 2019



CUT - Tomahawk Rib Chop

Includes choice of sauce & side of french fries, Potato Purée, Grilled Market Vegetables or Polenta


Ben Small, Executive Chef of CUT, highlights the signature dishes at CUT focus on large format roasts for the table to share bringing guests the communal, family style dinning nature which reflects the warm and inviting hospitality of Qatar. He particularly notes that "the USDA Prime Tomahawk Rib Chop is a head turner.  We obviously look for the highest quality products we can find, but when one of our team members walk through the dinning room with this silver platter, people turn their heads.  Weighing in at about 1.5 kg it is a formidable opponent for the hungriest of carnivores.  After we carefully char grill it, we bring it to your table and carve it for you and your guests.  We serve it with Fingerling potatoes that we have gently poached in A5 Japanese wagyu tallow that we have crisped up with leeks and rosemary"



MorimotoSeafood Toban Yaki 

Lobster, king crab, mussels, clams, sea scallop, spice red miso lobster broth


Chef Timur- Executive Chef of Morimoto, says: “The flavors and natural saltiness of our fresh products and miso creates a perfectly rich and deep UMAMI flavor.” This signature dish consists of three 'colors'  of miso: white, yellow and red. The darker the color, the longer the miso has been fermented. "Our red miso is from Chef Morimoto’s home town Hiroshima. It is fermented comparatively for a  long time (over a year) with natural GM – free soy beans and a blend of both barley and rice-based miso. Red miso is stronger and saltier and there is no additional flavors added,” he elaborated. This butter rich red miso broth is a wonder complimenting the roasted mushrooms and great selection of Canadian lobster, Alaskan king crab, Hokkaido scallops, Australian mussels, Mediterranean clams, and Gulf prawns in this melting pot of flavors.



Walima - Beef Short Ribs

Sous Vide Short Ribs with Arabic Spices, Sautéed Spring Vegetables, Baghali Pulao


Walima Doha is launching its Beef Short Ribs with Bagheli Pulao. These short ribs are a cut of beef  taken from the brisketchuckplate, or rib areas cooked using  a modern technique- sous vide-  to give you a nice succulent piece of meat. This fine dish will be served with Baghali pulao , a fragrant and fluffy rice dish that pairs the pleasant flavors of dill, basmati rice and saffron with plump soft broad beans, and is topped with a delightful crunchy golden crust. Pradeep Nuwan, Head Chef at Walima: “We’ve curated this dish to have a combination of classic Arabic spices infused into a beautiful cut of meat and cooked using the most modern techniques. This serve presents the perfect balance of texture and flavor where you have meat that melts in your mouth, sautéed vegetables with a tangy pulao for an extra kick.”



Hudson Tavern - The Signature

Two beef patties, smoky chorizo, bulgogi, comte cheese, sunny side up egg, crispy fried onion, boston lettuce, spicy sauce, in a black bun


Hudson Tavern’s signature burger is back on the menu. These two juicy tender patties, smoky chorizo, bulgogi meat, crispy fried onion, creamy comte cheese, a sunny side-up egg, Boston lettuce, and Hudson Tavern’s in-house secret sauce, all come in a freshly baked black bun, getting tongues wagging. Says Jessica Ghidoni, the Head Chef at Hudson Tavern: “The team decided this burger has to be our Signature Dish because it is a mix of ingredients that represent our restaurant. Starting from our Bulgogi, beef top-side marinated the Korean style -one of our main ingredients since opening, the Comte cheese, and the slow cooked Chorizo, it is an obvious choice to bring back this firm favourite to our customers. Get ready to grab and bite the coolest burger in town!”



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